Gendercide Awareness Project Tackles Global Sex Imbalance

Girls' Globe

The Gendercide Awareness Project, called Gendap for short, deals with the loss of female life in large parts of the world due to:

  • sex-selective abortion
  • female infanticide
  • gross neglect of girls
  • maternal death that is entirely preventable
  • the inability of older women to access food and shelter

graphicWe call this “gendercide.”  The United Nations Population Fund estimates that currently 117 million women are “missing” in the world due to these causes. That’s more deaths than World Wars I and II combined. In China, 10% of the female population is missing; in India, 7%. Arguably, gendercide is the largest atrocity the world has seen, yet so few of us know about it.

Why are we so unaware?  Gendercide passes under our radar because it does not occur as a single, explosive act of violence.  Instead, gendercide is a silent and ongoing attrition. It occurs in the privacy of the family…

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